Out of the Box Productions

Out of the Box Productions was formed in the fall of 2003. We believe that by combining drama, dance, music and interactive technology in unique multidisciplinary works, and presenting in more intimate venues, we have created a powerful way to tell stories that are meaningful for our whole community.

Further, by using music and movement to express the emotional . . . the spiritual, we are better able to transcend the human condition. Using this strategy, we are attracting a new and more diverse audience, who are in turn discovering a powerful connection with live performance.

We have been generously supported by the following organizations:

Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, BC Arts Council, York University, AC Lighting, Remenyi House of Music, ListenUp! Canada, CRD Arts Development, Victoria Foundation, Hamber Foundation, The Travellers Inn, Banff Centre for the Arts, Laurel Point Inn, City of Victoria, Croy & Co., Alison Piano, Copy Plus Centre, Thrifty Foods, Tom Lee Music, Monday Magazine, Victoria Arts Marketing, Bridges for Woman, Monday Publication, BC Ferries.


Katelyn McCulloch in Rallentando


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