Three powerful women known as Synesthetes live in Chromesthesia. Using their voices and piano to reach in and through the sounds, they capture the vibrations and translate them to colours. Through this ritual, they gather the power of history and knowledge to forge a place of belonging.

You are invited to join them in Chromesthesia. Wander close. Stand back. Rest. Can you sense your place in the union?

The Immersive Installation Chromesthesia ran as part of the Incubator Festival at York University, Toronto.
• Thursday March 15, 2018
• Friday March 16, 2018

Looping started at 7:30pm until 8:30. People returned to soak in the vibrations as many times as they wanted.

Creators Gwenyth Dobie and William Mackwood from Out of the Box Productions

With Adria McCulloch, Margaret Bárdos and Christina Faye

Soprano “Adria McCulloch is a Junoesque knockout. Her commanding voice soars with power and drama.” Opera Canada

Mezzo Margaret Bárdos– a voice described by Opera Canada as “mellow, fruity, that caresses the ears”

Pianist Christina Faye, a much in demand collaborative and solo pianist. A member of the dynamic and successful ‘Yegada Piano Trio’ with cellist Mateusz Swoboda and violinist Edwin Huizinga, and piano/vocal duo ‘Seirínes’ with acclaimed soprano Adria McCulloch.

“Out of the Box Productions, under creators Gwenyth Dobie and William Mackwood, puts on shows of immense imagination and strong theatrical values.” Paula Citron

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