Disrupting Solitude

Disrupting Solitude (2017)

Premiered at The Space Between: The Incubator Festival: an interdisciplinary exploration in technology, movement, sound, design and performance featuring talent from the Departments of Dance, Theatre and Computational Arts at York University. 

Disrupting Solitude ponders the agency of the human in an increasingly digitally mediatized existence. Posthumanism often critically reflects on the deconstruction of the human condition through heightened isolation and the demise of virtuosity: that humanity loses self-differentiation as “technology proposes itself as the architect of our intimacies” (Turkle)

Disrupting Solitude invites participants to artistically explore the dynamic relationship, tension and potential that exists between people, between people as mediated through technology and the invasive seduction by technology in contemporary life. We question the impact of a virtually mediated relationship, while your potential partner exists in the flesh across the room.

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