Prior Engagement

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Prior Engagement (2007) Belfry Arts Centre, Victoria, B.C.

Written by Meg Braem. Commissioned by Out of the Box Productions Society

Collaborative Team: Peter Abrahams, Nancy Argenta, Roberta Doylend, Aaron Ferguson, Ingrid Hansen, Carole Klemm, Stephen Lochbaum, Heather Lindsay, Miles Lowry, Passia Pandora, Matthew Romantini

A play with music, about a special clothing-optional lake called Prior Lake, situated close to Victoria B.C. People, in all their flesh, sharing the stories behind their scars.

You see, I know why people come here. They come here for the stillness they cannot get from their life. They come to let their insides stop racing,to let the stress sweat out and fall back into the lake. Tiny droplets of city sobbing out of their hot backs, leaving a stillness they don’t know how to describe but tend to call peace.

The water changes color

The deep end of a dock

A pink that’s breathing

The dark water solidifies

A heart, a muscle , an organ

Teeth to the sun

A painful smile

Life leaves its mark



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