Rallentando- Forest Bathing

Rallentando – Forest Bathing (2015)

Presented at Hub14, Toronto, Ontario

Based on the Japanese idea of Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing, Rallentando is an immersive environment that creates calming effects through changes in the nervous system in the same way as exposure to nature has been proven to do.

Movement artists, such as Katelyn McCulloch, use Infra-Red body tracking cameras with NiMate and Max7 to contribute interactive events to the Forest Bathing experience.

Originally from Grenada, Sound Artist Cheldon Paterson performs under the moniker SlowPitch Sound. Often incorporating unconventional functions of the turntable as well as field recordings in his compositions, Rallentando is a deeply moving sound and visual experience.

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What people said about their time in RALLENTANDO

  • It was a remarkable experience
  • I wished I could have this in my home all the time!
  • Beautiful, peaceful, thought-provoking. Thank you!
  • I reflected on the beautiful “cycle” of using technology to create a relaxing oasis of nature within a city, in a society that often blames technology for removing us from the natural world.
  • I didn’t want to leave
  • It felt like going to Neverland



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